Working on ‘building’

So the player can now harvest some wood, with his bare hands ( he is a mad man …. or she…it , even….. anyways) . And it shows up in the players inventory. So what to do with this wood? Well, how about make some sticks?

This is where the “building_and_actions_manager” comes in. Of course, I named this file before really thinking about it, so for now, its just the building manager. Yes, my spaghetti is becoming more powerful, mwhaa ha ha ha.

Currently, you can click on a item (wood) and it shows the sticks that you can build. you click on it, and…. viola!? …? it spawns one more unit of wood and… well, hell.

And then there is this freaking error

Finally got it subtracting the resources and adding the built item. Only problem now is the item list versus the display list. Once the wood is all used up for sticks, the slot that had wood becomes the old slot of sticks but still shows the next slot with sticks? and it crashed? WtF?

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