Whats next

It has been nearly three months since the last to-do list was created. It really is hard to say if it has been such a long journey because of holidays or if I am just getting bogged down. I have, all of a sudden, found it harder to wake up super early, and I am not sure if it is due to being tired or I am losing motivation. One thing is for sure, this is the thick of it, and it is getting harder and harder every day.

Regardless, I am determined to get this project to at least a playable point.

  1. More Items and Actions: I am thinking there is going to be shallow water and deep water, deep water the player goes chest deep and swims. The player can also fish in deep water. Also, the action of cooking.
  2. A new Intro Screen: and yeah, I know this is a prototype, but the amount of work and the journey involved in developing the game warrants the need for a good, cinematic intro.
  3. Fix Inventory GUI: there is a crap load of bugs surrounding the main inventory panel. It must be fixed.
  4. Add player stats in GUI: This will show stats, overall including the armor and weapon rating in equipped mode. Maybe add a leveling up function so the user can choose where new stat points go.
  5. Redo the main stats display: Where it shows energy/thirst/hunger/health . Just change it to something more beautiful
  6. Save States: Obviously, the user needs to be able to save their game. Also , a way to exit to start screen. and load saved game from start screen
  7. Something needs to be done with the Message Window: I have enabled it a few times and have felt it might be a bit ugly and redundant. Battle messages could float above the player or mob affected, other messages could pop in and pause the game and have a close button to remove and resume the game?

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