No, I swear, we are still alive. With the holidays, birthdays, november and december just flew by.

The october post with a to-do list has been slowly been getting eaten away. Right now, for that near three month old post, I have audio, message system, and disasters left. And of course, a handful of bugs I have been ignoring for quite some time, mostly just UI layering issues. And then play testing a fine tuning.

The audio has been a cool adventure, but seriously, for now on, I am going to always start adding audio stuff right away. Music and noise is easy, but it is a bit overwhelming realizing all of the sound efx that need to be implemented.

I was going to go completely nut brain on the ambient noise and set up all kinds of things to create a really cool ambient audio system, but for now, I just found a bunch of ambient loops and they will play at different times of the day/night cycle and depending on where the player is. Good for prototyping , as to not spend to much time on one system. That part is done, just got to go through and add efx for walking, mob walking, mob idle, attack both miss and hit, for the player too, for each weapon, fire , water blocks, building, eating,….. I think that is it.

I want to change the title scene as well. After I added the background music, I had a vision of what might be cool. Getting the art for it might be a bit of a pain. Regardless, I just want it to be a bit more cinematic, remove the credits and how-to-play buttons, have the title get smaller after a few seconds, show a “press anything to start playing” and maybe have a bit of voice over and text giving some explanation of the “you just awoke, not sure where you are or who you might be,….. something something dark side, something something wild realms”.

Of course, now that I am adding sound efx to combat related things, I am noticing some issues with Item damage. This has seemed to always be the trip up for me; do I stop working on focus “A” and fix bug “A” , or do I finish focus and write down the bug for later fixing…..

I know in a previous post I talked about finishing the script completely before working on other issues, and it has seemed to me that spending a whole day or whatever on bug fixing seems to be more beneficial for me. There is a good reason to keep going and finish the implementation you started with, as to not start opening a bunch of cans of worms in the light of possibility you are creating issues while implementing whatever it was you started implementing. Yeah, that was a ridiculously long sentence,… I am tired ,… LOL!!!!

It seems as though the loading bar is having issues showing correctly, and it also seems an arrow ( ammo ) is writing its damage to the main item object file, which makes no sense, but I think it has something to do with the map object script – so when the flying arrow as an attack_weapon stops moving through the air and instantly changes into a mapped_item . I am trying not to create spaghetti as I think this is how it starts. All combat noises are working now, so I think I am okay.

I still need to do the baddy sounds, grunts, movement , damaged, dead … and I want the player to be able to hear water as well, and then add a sound for jumping in the water, not sure if that will lend to another thought. Should there be two water tiles, ones that you can walk in and others that require a swimming skill? Do I keep them set as Colliders are do I need to custom script this? Where did I leave my brain? Can a cat taste the color red?

There is still so much to do, so little time lol

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