Mobs and Spawning System

Yeah, I did say I was going to work on a few other things, but I was going to make the collector manager pick up items on the ground next,…. but what are we going to pick up? I will need to be able to allow the player to drop things from their inventory, but that sounds boring. And eventually we need to create the re-generator for agriculture to regrow trees, berries, and the such…. and set up the aux tile generator to throw in some good sticks and stones on the ground….. but yeah, boring, right?

I think moving on to the next system and getting those foundations make more sense, and sounds more freaking fun, right?

So lets do some predators and game, and of course, combat. Jake has done some work on designing the combat, so I got some notes on that, and he is in the works for mobs, so we are just going to make whatever, and skip animation for now.

So, what the living hell do I need right now? OMG, I need another scriptable object, OH YEAH


I got to admit, the slowness of developing a game is very hypnotic. Maybe cause that is how all programming is? no no, this is way more fun than a website lol

Anyways,. We have a snake, that spawns when a single condition is met ( X amount of certain tiles are present ) and within active times. And they move randomly .

The Mob object to contain all the base variables, which is then spawned by the mob_spawner, which is then controlled by its own prefab.


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