Inching towards an elusive goal in mind: playable

At this point, I am shocked I have gotten this far. I keep having issues, I keep solving them, and it keeps moving forward. Un-freaking-believable.

I set up a todo list 31 days ago, and got most of it knocked out. I figured, this would be a good time to square it back up, tack on some more , and get it going. Maybe not so long of a list this time.

So a few things still not added, including a camp fire, a shelter, and the fauna jake had laid out in design. We know combat works ( still, the sand snakes still exist ) so I am not to concerned about it. To add camp fire to the items buildable, I realized we need to have items have a ‘burn’ type variables, since a fire could break out due to lightning or whatever ( no idea what else, but its a thing ) . And for a shelter, it occured to me that needs to be a section in the items base script – things like, is it a sleepable shelter, how many items can it hold, which then brings up the fact that I need another inventory type panel for shelter/storable , so like a holding chest.

So lets get it on, here is the todo list for the next few weeks:

  1. Limit searching for items by “hand” ( no tools ) by adding to the list of regenerate-ables.
  2. Add “fire” – like variables to Item_Object
  3. Create a “camp fire” item, that can be lit with a “bow drill” item
  4. Add “Shelter” item to sleep and store items in
  5. Add Fauna in Jake’s design
  6. Remove Stone aux, and add stone base, and plate base, and digging through ( grass, dirt,stone,dirt,plate ) with grass/dirt/stone items
  7. implement animation for weapons (maybe consider collision for combat instead of the current tile system)
  8. implement missle weapons ( spear, bow and arrows )
  9. Add sound efx to stuff
  10. Add Tutorial stuff to MWC ( message window controller ) as well as intro text, and other texts
  11. Add item damage/destruction , so something can’t last forever ( bow drill can only light so many fires, an axe can only chop down so many trees etc,… )
  12. Fix limiters to be limited once a search has been performed ( versus searching until it allows a find and then limits )
  13. Disaster: Lightning strikes caused by storms, starts a fire
  14. Disaster: Earthquake, shakes screen, causes damage to player ( and mobs ) and could destroy shelters
  15. Disaster: Volcano caused by Earthquake rises and flows lava, lava starts fires and causes damage
  16. Disaster: Flooding caused by long rain storms, rises waters and destroys shelters

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