First steps

In my first project, I did half of the graphics, then went back and did more. This project has the intention of getting some better graphics in the future, so the ones for the prototype don’t have to be perfect, but I would like them to look a bit nice and be completely understandable .

Since this project has a team, I think this time , I need to do a mock design of “screenshots” as to make sure we are on the same page as far as design.

Just looking for graphics for the prototype is mind boggling. I am of course looking for free assets as I don’t want to spend money on them, not for a prototype. I found a really over complicated tile sheet for terrain, which made me think about the terrain generator. And no, I did not find any scripts or free assets in the unity store for terrain generation, so I am left on my own. When I was doing the first test, one thing I noticed right away was how the perlin noise would be very well connected in the tenths and hundredths – being a floating number from 0 to 1 , each consequent number is closely tied to the ones near. This means, you could have 1000 tiles that are related in the sheet, and have each one represented in the noise. Would that make it look cooler? hell if I know, but its worth trying out.

I just now came across a very large tile sheet of somewhat descent graphics for the player, baddys, and objects. The only problem is they are not animated. I think I can manipulate them enough to make look somewhat descent in animation. If I am wrong, oh well…. its a freaking prototype. Anyways… I am going to set up some sheets and hopefully a few mocks , and a graphic for this dev blog.

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