Development begins!

Well, here it starts. Whether or not the project continues after a certain point will be determined. This is , at the moment, just an idea.

For myself, this is only my second project, but not my last, and I doubt anyone else involved will probably be doing other things as well, concurrently and in the future. If by chance it picks up a following, we will all be happy to work full time on it.

So, what do we start doing? For starters, we identify the project. Its title is, you guessed it, Wild Realms . It will be a top-down 2d survival game, including some neat features such as rogue-like mechanics such as one-life-to-live, and procedural generated maps. Also included will be a bad ass musical score.

Jake’s original game design document left a lot to be thought of, but basically , it is going to be fairly complex. This idea, as huge as it may seem, could be completed as long as I keep the project on track and in baby steps. So obviously, the first thing to develop is a prototype. But, even as a prototype, we could make it really expansive and possibly lose control of the project before the prototype is even finished. So I feel breaking the prototype down to its most absolute core, and slowly and deliberately adding one feature after the next is going to be paramount to actually finishing the prototype.

So, what is the absolute core of the game? This is a good one, and one I have been thinking about for the past few hours.

  1. The map is procedural generated . We are thinking, bare bones here, water, grass, forest, desert….. and there it is, the first thought is still to much. Okay, water and grass.
  2. The player can move around, in eight directions.
  3. The player can die by loss of health
  4. The player can die by starvation, which causes health to go down
  5. The player can punch throat a bear
  6. The player can eat bear meat

And that’s it, for now. Step one is to build this simple existence, which is sticking true to the original game design concept: Live until you die!

We are going to develop for WebGL , with keyboard and game controller support.

Development starts 6/1/2019 , and I hope to have a fairly powerful prototype by the end of summer. There was a lot of things talked about in our session, and in the original game design document. Notable mentions:

Thirst: which would act the same way as hunger, if it goes to zero, would take away from health
Foraging: which would be harvesting and agriculture , so farming etc,…
Hunting: which is kind of started with the whole throat punching of bears
Gathering: which would be a form of harvesting, but in a material sense. So wood from trees, dirt from the ground, stone from the earth.
Building: which would be the sense of deconstruction and construction. Building various things from wood, such as sticks, which could be used to make kindling and fire sticks, planks for building shelters, sticks and planks could be used to make a wooden sword or axe,… etc,….

As you can extrapolate, this is a huge project. Please pray for us 🙂

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