Crunch Time To-Do List

It seems as though we are a little closer than I realized to having a prototype of this game completed. So , I need to crunch to get this done. These next couple of weeks , I am going to try and do some double time and get this sheet done, so we can test and tune, and hopefully get a playable version up for all to play and give feedback on .

  1. Add “bush” tiles to aux terrain
  2. Add “Vine” tiles to aux terrain
  3. Add “Rock” tile to aux terrain
  4. Add “berry” and “poisen berry” to items list ( harvested from select bush tiles ) ( set up a way for multiple things to be harvested at one time )
  5. Add “vine” item (harvested from vine tiles)
  6. Add bark, sticks , rock to items with harvesting ( add a chance of a “grabbable” rock even being present )
  7. Fix inventory icons so they all look the same size (wtf?)
  8. Fix Regeneration ( not regenerating the right tiles )
  9. message window
  10. Make land generation seemless
  11. Get land generation to not slow down the game
  12. destroy maps outside of a range and mobs within it (not things though)
  13. Prevent double jump
  14. Add energy depletion on all actions that require it
  15. Add “rock” to aux tile map
  16. Add “stone hatchet” to item list
  17. Add “wood” to harvesting – set options to be the only thing harvested or combined based on item requirement ( a hatchet )
  18. Make searching like harvesting, where a tile can only be searched once
  19. Add “wood shelter” to item list
  20. Add “fire” to item list
  21. Delete “sand snake” and set up the fauna jake has designed
  22. finish inventory – make a ‘build’ button instead of insta-building. Do equip panel. make click and drag a thing
  23. Disasters and Weather
  24. Clean Code
  25. Make the rain not collide with the water tiles ( making it look like a shelter )

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