Controllers and Machines

So its time to make this game actually start ticking. Well, I have actually been working on this part for a while, it seems, shooting from the hip, so to speak. Anyways.

I have built a simple inventory panel, which will later show build options depending on inventory, clothing and armor, and player stats. Nothing is working as of yet.

I just now realized the inventory panel is casting shade on the ground LOL!

Anyways, now we need to deal with what I will call the collector_manager . This script will react to picking things up ( say when a predator or a game leaves behind meat, or when the player leaves behind something like a resource or whatever ) which just goes straight to the inventory. Also for harvesting ( say chopping down wood, getting iron or coal from a mine, or harvesting wheat from crops etc,… ) and when dealing with inventory banks like a camp or….. well, a camp. Similar to the chest in minecraft.

So here it goes…….First we got the collector manager to harvest wood, I added a timer indicator and a player state to the player script. We started the Item Object scriptable object , which will be the base of all items. I thought about having different scriptables for each type of item, but I think that by having one for all, they can be used as different types easier, since a stone could be a resource and a simple weapon as well.

After a bit of some confusion, I got the dam thing working lol. Also, decided to start video logs of my work.

Vlog intro!

But it works now!

So next, I need to make the build manager. This is prompting quite a bit of thought on the inventory panel, and how it should look. Where should the build management be, and how it should look.

We will refer to the panel as the player panel since it will obviously be displaying various things including the inventory of the player, the builds possible for the player, the players information, and wearable items such as armor and clothing and things that are equipped, like weapons.

Of course I am not renaming anything right now, as it just seems to be getting more confusing at this point. Anyways, before I can set the build manager, I need to first be able to capture a click and decide how to handle it.

So, lets get the click on a bundle of wood!

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