Building the map generator

I am still not sure how to do a infinite map, and more importantly, I am not sure how to limit loading to much map at once, except maybe only loading X tiles past the view port. If we were to allow more than one player in the same map, would each application have to load that map as well? I am not even sure its a feature, but I bet if we continue on to production, we are going to revisit that question.

So first thing is first, setting up the first terrain map. The procedure for this is to load the map as a width per main types and length of interacting types.

I found this huge ass tile map, which had a crap load of tiles mixing a few different land types in one. I think this will allow for a very elaborate map, but it will take time to add each interacting tile. I feel it will take a crap load of time, maybe not a shit ton, but enough to be substantial chunk. So for now, we will start off with only five types – top ( only ) row being the full tile of the base type.

The map is generating in a somewhat descent way. Gonna have to tweak it later. Just a script that runs once on startup on the tilemap. Should be a whoot

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