“building” system is good enough

So it took a bit, and I learned how to use the debugger for visual studio in order to find a infinite loop that was crashing unity. So thats awesome. The player can harvest, he can build, and I think that is good for now. There is a lot to be missing with the inventory panel, such as sorting the items ( drag and drop, moving around the items, seeing what a build option is before building it, etc,… ) but it is working, and for now, I think that is fine.

Jake talked about wanting to have a crafting system similar to minecraft, which I love the idea, and so that means there would be a lot more to it than this. But I knew going into the inventory and GUI that I would be a bit challenged, and I was indeed. Most of the code ( 99%) is not a waste though, and adding a crafting system like minecraft would only require more code versus deleting any, so we are still on the right track.

The collector manager needs to be able to pick stuff up as the player walks over it, and that will be a cinch compared to what I just did. Jake and I talked about having the player not be able to harvest wood with there bare hands though, and instead, maybe collecting an item like a few sticks and a axe shapped rock, or something like that, in order to harvest wood. essentially making this part of the game all that much more harder to deal with. The point of the game is to be hard, so this is perfectly nested in the tagline “survive until you die” versus minecraft’s “do whatever in this damn sandbox,…. oh, and survive” which gave more lend to the ability to take down a tree with your bare hands, you just had to hit it more times than with an axe.

So the next stage, is to make the collector manager pick up items on the ground, which we should also make a tooltip like thing that will show a floating/rising message above the player for all kinds of things like “picked up a rock” and “picked up ____ meat ” or “can’t run do to exhaustion” etc,..

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