Back In The Game

Ice Man said it; we got bogged down with life and kind of hibernated on the project a bit. I got to be honest though, I have felt like this before the holidays and I need to get it off my chest. After I wrote the initial design, I began to detail the mechanics and formulas but never finished to this day. I let perfectionism take control and subdue me. Even now, I have deleted and re-wrote that sentence at least 5 times. Clearly, I have to change something to get this done. I realize this is not about forcing the greatest game of it’s time and kind; this is about forcing my greatest effort to create a video game. Something I have always dreamed yet not dared to finish. That said, I write a promise for my family, Ice Man and his, myself, and you. I will do what it takes to complete Wild Realms.  Or, at least something if it really doesn’t work out, but for now it’s all about WILD REALMS!


Although this game’s scope is large for a couple of nubz, I believe that we have the skills and talent to make this happen. Ice Man has done killer work on Wild Realms so far; I can’t thank him enough for his patience with me as I struggle against myself. I am thrilled to be working with him.


Anyways, I just wanted to write to the few of you following us so far (thank you we love you <3) to let you know what’s been up and welcome any new to join. I’ll be back soon with an in depth look at the game currently and a roadmap to completion. Maybe even a release date!

(probably not)


Pitter patter let’s get at ‘er.




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